Download Homing inside out


We publish our listening guide for home quarantine as an easy to print pdf to make it accessible worldwide. If you prefer the printed edition, you can find it here.

Download our listening guide for home quarantine as a pdf.




Download de pdf van het Luisterboek Homing Inside Out.

Download Homing Inside Out, A listening guide for home quarantine
This guide provides a collection of scores for a do-it-yourself home expedition filled with listening exercises,
loosely based on the concept of the listening walks developed in the Urban Sound Lab of Soundtrackcity.

This listening guide provides four different listening modes to help tune you into all the different sounds inside
your home. Instead of suggesting just one way of listening, we asked different makers and professionals to share
their perspectives on listening, creating a very diverse collection of listening scores. The scores are sometimes
situated or proposed for certain moments of your day, while with others you are free to choose the time and
place in your home. You can mix and match the scores as you like, as there is no suggested or optimal order for
the scores.

To make these scores available to an international public we publish this guide in English and offer both a printed edition as well as a digital edition (pdf). Enjoy the scores!

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